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X-ray scanner simulator


"X-ray body scanner simulator" is a realistic simulation of Xray machine. You can make fake Xray scans with this funny app! Let your friends think that it really makes roentgen scans!Xray scanning give you scan results as a picture of bones. You can check if you have broken bones. This app is a simulator of a machine which makes X-ray scans!
How to make fake roentgen scan?1. Select body part. App will display part of image of skeletal body part on your phone screen.2. Tilt your phone to move the Xray scan to another part of the scanned body. 3. Tell your friends that this app shows real skeleton scan!
You can select one of 6 different body parts! You can see roentgen on skull, hands, legs, chest. As a bonus you can make xray scan of your dog! :)